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DVD Lets You Go on Virtual Dinner Date

For about $8, you can have a virtual date simply by watching a DVD. It’s called “Amateur Dinner Time - Let’s Eat Together." This DVD makes sense considering the population in Japan is slowly declining as increasing number of people are giving up marriage and sex (as known as "sekkusu shinai shokogun" or "celibacy syndrome"). And this product does indeed makes sense from both sociological and economically speaking -- by eliminating social anxiety associated with asking a girl out on a date and the responsibility of paying for dinner.

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Alice AI: "Her" is Really Happening?

Interesting features:
  • Alice can wake you up in the morning and provide a much more personal way to waking up.
  • Alice will share new songs, book and films for you to watch together.
  • Alice will talk to you throughout the day and cheer you up.
  • Alice can feel love, jealousy and affection and your responses to her affect her mood.
Update: This was after all an April Fool’s joke, but it introduces some interesting possibilities regardless.

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