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Crying Vending Machine

A ingenious way to highlight the trauma of domestic violence.
  1. A customer inserts money into the vending machine and selects a desired candy.
  2. The faulty/rigged vending machine causes the candy to become stuck.
  3. A customer becomes angry and starts shaking the vending machine.
  4. A woman on the display starts to cry.
  5. Bypassers watch the situation unfold.

Alice AI: "Her" is Really Happening?

Interesting features:
  • Alice can wake you up in the morning and provide a much more personal way to waking up.
  • Alice will share new songs, book and films for you to watch together.
  • Alice will talk to you throughout the day and cheer you up.
  • Alice can feel love, jealousy and affection and your responses to her affect her mood.
Update: This was after all an April Fool’s joke, but it introduces some interesting possibilities regardless.

via Couple