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Ikea Floor Design vs. Call of Duty Map Design vs. Huizinga

"Huizinga sometimes writes that play is 'free', by which he means that the fundamental motive of play is the experience that it affords. We do not characteristically play to fulfil a practical task; we play for the sake of the lived quality that attaches itself to the act of playing. To speak of experience implies a vocabulary of qualitative description. Words like 'tension', 'release', 'challenge', 'effort', 'uncertainty', 'risk', 'balance', 'oscillation', 'contrast', 'variation' and 'rhythm' typically describe the activity of playing as a temporal modulation of rising, falling and evolving intensities. According to Huizinga, the cultural study of play consists in a careful description of the players' experiences. The consciousness of risk, for instance, presupposes that the player cannot confidently anticipate the result of an action; this unpredictability largely determines the intensity of many games, particularly those involving chance and competition. To experience this sort of tension is to become invested in an outcome that has not yet been settled. It is always possible to ask: How will the game come out? The intensity of our investment in many games essentially depends on our consciousness that their outcome is not fixed in advance."

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Office Furniture Designed to Improve Social Interaction

Invitation Chair by Alexander Bennett

"The Invitation Chair allows for the creation of a temporary shared space to collaborate, by allowing a user to share their seat with someone. The chair facilitates short bursts of interaction between two people who must focus their attention upon a computer screen while seated. By making it easier for workers to collaborate including the computer as a ‘third entity’. The Invitation Chair promotes a stronger workplace camaraderie and encourages creative thinking."

Social Furniture System by Richard Luo

"Workspace stress can interfere with productivity and impact both physical and emotional health. Creating social space for informal conversation and providing opportunities for social interaction among employees is a efficient way to release stress as well as enhance relationships with co-workers. This pie-shaped modular furniture concept is designed to empower and enable interactions in the office area while creating a sense of sharing. It has twelve pieces of identical sections that can be joined to create endless arrangements in a variety of shapes and functions as stools, side tables, footrests, or bookcases. They can be used as an intimate communication space, where employees could relax and share of information, encouraging creative thinking, as well as serving as an entertainment center to release workspace stress. The pie-shaped modular system is minimalist, with a clear and functional use of its essential form. The curved lip creates a minimal stacked system that prevents each piece from moving around when stacking on top of each other. It also forms a subtle edge, preventing things from rolling or sliding off from teh storage space. Additionally, the curved lip leaves a finger space at the bottom edge for people lifting piece when needed."

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