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Wearable Tech LA 2014 Highlights

Plantiga Footware gathers data from various parts of the shoe to reduce anti-roll, absorb shock and stabilize foot.

I was a bit skeptical of this product since I first heard about it more than a year ago. Instead using LCD displays, Avegant Glyph utilizes Virtual Retinal Display (VRD) technology that projects image directly into retina. They claim that their projection forms a virtual image directly in the eyes, eliminating discomfort and improving immersion. Unfortunately, the prototype at the conference was non-functional. Meanwhile, we can watch/read The Verge's in-depth look and jstarrdewar's post on Reddit, sharing their hands-on experience with the headset.

"The best way I can think of to describe the Glyph viewing experience is it was like watching TV through binoculars." -- jstarrdewar

Photos (above) by Sharon Gong

A wearable device with built-in taser and camera for law enforcements. This wasn't very popular with crowds, but it certainly had the most interesting form factor. Although the device looks quite clunky, it was quite comfortable to wear.

Panelist with Jamie Sherman, Eliott Kotek and Neil Harbisson moderated by Syuzi Pakhchyan

I was quite happy when the presentation of the Emoty ended, as many people came up to me and asked whether the bracelet was available for purchase. It validated that our product is something that people would want to purchase.

Thought Starters from NeuroGaming Conference in SF

    1. Fundamentally speaking, keybinding with EEG as a method of input is a clunky way to interact because it merely attempts to replicate the physical act of pressing a button with biosignal, which is difficult to translate into 1s and 0s without the in-depth knowledge of neuroscience. Does the interaction paradigm based on physical world translate into thought-based interaction?
    2. What if we could build technology that let’s us look inside of us rather than outside of us?

    PlayStation Magic Lab's protype of eyetracking controller that allows you to control the player's perspective and aiming.

    Emotiv Insight prototype