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Garments of Paradise by Susan Elizabeth

"The new devices do not aspire to visual complication or unconventional semantics beyond what their 'customizable' interfaces allow. Indeed customization in digital devices is often a lie about personal modification (control) when choices are actually predetermined—although the devices might be hacked by individual users making unscripted changes." -- Susan Elizabeth

Ivan Sutherland's first computer VR heads-up display, Sword of Damocles from 1960s. You can read more about this in the book.

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Levitating Particle Display Opens Up New Possibilities in HCI

Having physical particles levitate to form a display almost seems like a small step towards hologram. But in terms of usability, this technology represents a huge leap towards possibly including physical and haptic feedback while interacting with three-dimensional images with hand gestures. Imagine being able to clasp your hand(s) to grab the particles to move an object, having physics that allow you to push or pull particles with the palm of your hand or morphing an object by sculpting it with your hands. The race between tactile display and levitating particle display is definitely on.

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Family Gastronomic Voyeurism

It's fascinating to see many single households in South Korea turning to gastronomic voyeurism to substitute family dinner time. The activities/topics of this "virtual family dinner" - other than eating - include telling life stories, sharing philosophical perspectives, instructing how to make the perfect fertilizer with leftover food and reduce waste, mixing random foods together, discussing current events, feeding pet, etc. Just like how a real family would; but with a bit of personality and humor.

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