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Best Square Tippers

"According to the data gathered via Square payments, Chicagoans were the most likely to leave a tip, while Denver residents left the biggest tips overall, coming close to 17%. Customers in Atlanta and Tampa were the least likely to tip, and San Franciscans left the smallest tips, only 15.5% on average."

20th Anniversary of Nokia 2110

Twenty years ago, Nokia announced a new mobile phone that set a new standard for high-end handset. It had the largest dot-matrix screen, thinnest profile people had ever seen and the ability to send text messages (whereas most of the other phones at the time did not). The Nokia 2110 was also the first mobile phone to include a musical ringtone composed by Francisco Tarrega — now known as the classic Nokia ringtone.

The body of the phone was designed to be something people wanted to hold and caress; by accentuating subtle curves and adding soft but responsive rubber keypads. The keypads’ softness and tactility also played a huge role in the way textual menu worked. The menu used simple taxonomy and navigation to allow people to easily pickup and use it right away; eventually creating massive 20 million loyal followers.

Sensus Rear + Side Touch Augmentation

Sensus case adds pressure-sensitive rear and side touch pads to iPhone -- similar to PS Vita's rear touchpad.

Some possible uses:
  • Use side touch pad to scroll web page instead of swiping on top of the display which obstructs the viewport.
  • "Grab and pull" interaction that leverages thumb and index finger to to leverage front and rear input.
  • Squeeze the phone to take photo instead of pressing physical button or tapping the screen which shakes the phone causing blurry shots.

via iMore