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LG's webOS Interface + Bean Bird

The key difference between this and other smart TVs is that LG doesn't create a distinction between smart TV apps and regular TV and inputs. They're all just cards. "We wanted unity. Everything is the same, be it your Xbox, your source, or some apps," says Vonshak. "If you're watching Netflix and want to switch to see what's happening in a game, then go back to YouTube, it should be all the same thing." In fact, LG's TVs can automatically identify new inputs and label and name them for you — so if you plug in a PS4, it will appear as a PS4 card, not just "HDMI 2."

When you first boot up your smart TV, Bean Bird encourages you to calibrate your remote and walks you through the steps. The process alternates between guiding animations and short little cinematics that are designed to provide mini congratulations and encouragements for completing each step. There's also discouragement: if you choose not to set up Wi-Fi, for example, an angry Bean Bird marches across the screen with a surrender flag while a mob of his compatriots agitate in the background. LG really wants you to set up all the features on that TV.